daily reads.
// 16:15

u noes.. i jus read shiis bloggie? n i feel so sad for my own bloggie ]: i mean. she can write soooooooo long. so much. n my poor bloggie has nothin but a few crap lines of my life ]: so sad. nvmms bloggie!! i shall fill u up!! hehs. hmmms. lemme see. yesterdae i ate raw fishie for dinner!! [: n dens i ate pork meat soup n rice. hehs. so healthy!! [: n dens todaes for lunch i ate a ham sandwich stuffed with 3 slices of tomatoes n lettuce. it wuz so healthy it tasted real bad ]: but dens. dey sae food that is good for u doesnt taste good!! hahas. such a bad coincidence dat my food during recess tasted so great. i ate hmmms. wud i eat everyday!! [: vegetarian beehoon onlies veggies plus mayo chicken. hahas. e auntie even noes wud i eat now!! she even remembers that i eat there everyday [: hahas. sighh. i tink i'll grow fat on all that mayo chicken. who wont? -faint- now i've got to work reeeal hard durin tennis. but first. i muz buy a tennis racket!! [: i wanna get a chiochio one. but wahahahs. it'll be a waste of cash since i cant hit e ball for nutties. hope e coaches can work wonders!! [: yesh i noticed. my smileys changed!! [: <-- smileee. froown --> ]: hees. so excitin [: i wuz inspired by shiis bloggie!! u noes i tink i should link my bloggie to hers. [:

daily reads.
// 18:15

my nose is peelin!! hahas. now so pain.. i peel peel peel until e skin also turn red. sighh. muz be like shawnie. he n xuanie donos how many light years! -faint- my longest nort even 4 months? wahahahahahas. nvmms. next one muz set record!! urms. 3 yrs? but i'll get bored of him =( how how how? muz get summone who won make me bored. mebbe summone as toot as jonnie plus summone as egotistic as peyyann plus summone wif a voice like ant that can make me fall asleep in a few secs? hahas. dat will be a superb combination. mebbes he'll appear soon =) my angel sent frm heaven!

daily reads.
// 17:56

ARHHH!!! i gotta get THAT vcd NO MATTER WUD!!! arrr!!! how come i din see it come out?

daily reads.
// 17:55

omg. my mouth cant seem to close. ethan hawke. snow falling on cedars. omg. omg. -faint-

daily reads.
// 17:53


daily reads.
// 17:51

n deres dese REALLIE nice book i jus finished reeadin while i wuz in my sick bed..
Snow Falling On Cedars urmms.. its a movie now.. by some Guterson guy i tink. wahahhas.

daily reads.
// 17:50

aint no chioer song!! =) so chio soooo chiooo..

"Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word"

(Sorry seems to be the hardest word)

What I got to do to make you love me?
What I got to do to make you care?
What do I do when lightning strikes me?
And I wake to find that you're not there?

What I got to go to make you want me?
What I got to do to be heard?
What do I say when it's all over?
Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

It's sad, so sad
It's a sad, sad situation.
And it's getting more and more absurd.
It's sad, so sad
Why can't we talk it over?
Oh it seems to me
That sorry seems to be the hardest word.

What do I do to make you want me?
What I got to do to be heard?
What do I say when it's all over?
Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

It's sad, so sad
It's a sad, sad situation.
And it's getting more and more absurd.
It's sad, so sad
Why can't we talk it over?
Oh it seems to me
That sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Yeh. Sorry

What I got to do to make you love me?
What I got to do to be heard?
What do I do when lightning strikes me?
What have I got to do?
What have I got to do?
When sorry seems to be the hardest word.

daily reads.
// 17:48

urghs sorrie bloggie so longs nv entry. i. feel. so. dead. arrrrghhhs!!! anywaeees. im feelin a little better!! =) n deres PE tmr!! hees. i lubb PE. hope i don choke while runnin tho. dens i'll puke =P n dens my frens will puke! a nice chain reaction!! =) hahahas. sighh. wanted to bring sum brownies let my frens try but when i woke up todaees.. dey were all gone except for 2 small pieces =( anywaees derees dis REALLIE nice song i reallie lubb =) sorrie seems to be e hardest word!!

daily reads.
// 20:44

my banana cake wuz soooo delicious everyone saed so!! hees. =) successful first attempt!

daily reads.
// 20:43

it seems jonnie got sumthin stuck in his butt =) n hes kinda unwillin to take it out hahas. poor guy.

daily reads.
// 19:34

my archive section is sooo long. n soooo screwed up. its plain scarie =)

daily reads.
// 19:25

i lubbbbbbbbb my pummmmppkinnnnn!!! =))

daily reads.
// 19:24

i did a banana cakeeee =) how proud of myself. two in fact!! dere were tooooo much left =) n i finished e whole buncha bananas n cut dem into pieces n dumped dem on top of e cake!! n it ish soooo fantastically smashing n yummiee n drool-worthy n droooolicious n scrumptious n urms. super sinful n it simply TANTALIZES ur tastebuds!! wowees. my eng teacher will be soo proud of my powerful vocab if she looked here =P

daily reads.
// 19:21

woopiees! i am gonna studie. n be a geek dis yr! yes! it shall be my new new yr resolution =) no more new n nice bfs for resolutions! yays!! n i finished a chapter of my maths hw!! one down! urms. many to go? n i finished my chinese journal!! hees =) e teachers will be shocked out of deir undies!! wud a sight =)

daily reads.
// 17:52

whies on earth is my darhs nick gone. geeeez. weird bloggie =)

daily reads.
// 17:50

my conversation wif my darh on my great venture to e depths of irc to find shereeeeeee =) but she din go mgs!! AHHH!! dat tootie. hmpfs. went plmgss. nvmms. twinnies dere =P

16:23] peiyan?
[16:29] <[h]eaRt> ?
[16:29] <[h]eaRt> ya?
[16:30] helloz =P
[16:30] dun tell me u forget me liaoz =P
[16:30] <[h]eaRt> hahahas
[16:30] <[h]eaRt> don be a toot
[16:30] <[h]eaRt> =)
[16:30] hahah
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> i went to e zoo!!
[16:31] i lost ur hp number
[16:31] zzz
[16:31] =P
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> it wuz so fun
[16:31] hahah
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> =)
[16:31] for fuck
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> i saw so many babies!!!
[16:31] hahaah
[16:31] zzz
[16:31] boliaoz lar u
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> i went dere to see e cheetah babies
[16:31] eh... u wud class this yr ar?
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> but dey werent dere =(
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> 4b5
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> ohh
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> my hp no.?
[16:31] hahha
[16:31] rite
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> ohhhh
[16:31] u made it
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> 98245624
[16:31] hahaa
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> =P
[16:31] okok 10q
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> DUHH
[16:31] =P
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> hahas
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> u arse
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> n i went sentosa!!
[16:31] <[h]eaRt> so fun =)
[16:31] hahaahah i want to sch 2dae
[16:32] so boring
[16:32] <[h]eaRt> but i haven go east coast cycle
[16:32] haha
[16:32] zz cycle there and back alr
[16:32] <[h]eaRt> hahas schh quite fun
[16:32] <[h]eaRt> i seatin under e fan
[16:32] <[h]eaRt> next to my goot fren!
[16:32] <[h]eaRt> hahas
[16:32] <[h]eaRt> =)
[16:32] <[h]eaRt> n dere wuz christmas prezzies!!
[16:32] hahahaah good for u
[16:32] my sch sux
[16:32] <[h]eaRt> so nice =)
[16:32] my sch sux
[16:32] my sch sux
[16:32] my sch sux
[16:32] <[h]eaRt> ohh
[16:32] <[h]eaRt> u've been in dere for manymany yrs
[16:32] no
[16:32] <[h]eaRt> n u jus realised it?
[16:32] itz a NEW sch
[16:33] <[h]eaRt> ohh e new one.
[16:33] yes
[16:33] lots of stairs
[16:33] <[h]eaRt> wahahas
[16:33] <[h]eaRt> exercise =)
[16:33] fuck fuck
[16:33] so zzz
[16:33] <[h]eaRt> hahas fines
[16:33] <[h]eaRt> weeees
[16:33] <[h]eaRt> im gonna start bakin
[16:33] <[h]eaRt> yays =)
[16:33] <[h]eaRt> i jus got an oven yesterdaee!!
[16:33] <[h]eaRt> sooo chio
[16:33] hahaah
[16:33] wtf
[16:33] ure nutz
[16:34] <[h]eaRt> n im gonna bake lots n lots of cookies!!
[16:34] <[h]eaRt> mebbe i'll send one box to u
[16:34] chris is back in br
[16:34] <[h]eaRt> but u better pray u don get food poisonin =)
[16:34] <[h]eaRt> ohh
[16:34] hahaa
[16:34] <[h]eaRt> whies he back dere?
[16:34] go back study
[16:34] and do his o
[16:34] <[h]eaRt> ?!
[16:34] <[h]eaRt> o!
[16:34] <[h]eaRt> oooo
[16:34] <[h]eaRt> o levels?
[16:34] <[h]eaRt> ohh
[16:34] <[h]eaRt> so long nv take
[16:34] <[h]eaRt> hmms
[16:34] <[h]eaRt> dens wud he do in his other sch?
[16:35] hahaah dunnoe
[16:35] <[h]eaRt> hahahas
[16:35] <[h]eaRt> wud e hell
[16:35] <[h]eaRt> hees
[16:35] <[h]eaRt> im collectin cookie recipes now
[16:35] <[h]eaRt> =)
[16:35] hahaha
[16:35] <[h]eaRt> so happie
[16:36] u wierd ex dear daer
[16:36] <[h]eaRt> n im gonna make pineapple tarts for new yr!!
[16:36] <[h]eaRt> so funn
[16:36] <[h]eaRt> =)
[16:36] <[h]eaRt> can stae up till 2 am!!
[16:36] hahahaha
[16:36] wierdd
[16:36] <[h]eaRt> =P
[16:36] <[h]eaRt> funn
[16:36] wudeva u asy
[16:36] <[h]eaRt> u jus haven tried bakin ye
[16:36] <[h]eaRt> yet i mean
[16:36] <[h]eaRt> lols
[16:37] haha good god
[16:38] <[h]eaRt> ohhs
[16:38] <[h]eaRt> u mean u reallie havent>?
[16:38] <[h]eaRt> poor guy =(
[16:38] <[h]eaRt> bakin is one of e greatness of life
[16:38] <[h]eaRt> wahahahas
[16:38] <[h]eaRt> but my sister seems to prefer tastin
[16:38] hahaha
[16:38] <[h]eaRt> lucky she din die of food poisonin
[16:38] <[h]eaRt> geez
[16:38] <[h]eaRt> ppl stay till 2 am to bake
[16:38] i say sleeping and masturbating is gods gift to men
[16:38] lol
[16:39] <[h]eaRt> .
[16:39] <[h]eaRt> geeeeez
[16:39] <[h]eaRt> my pumpkin tinks sleepin is great too
[16:39] whahaha =P
[16:39] <[h]eaRt> sighh
[16:39] hahaa
[16:39] <[h]eaRt> great minds tink alike?
[16:39] <[h]eaRt> puipui
[16:39] whoz ur bf now?
[16:39] lol
[16:39] <[h]eaRt> hahahas
[16:39] <[h]eaRt> hes nort my bf
-------------PORTION GONE PORTION GONE PORTION GONE----------------
[16:39] hahha rite
[16:39] <[h]eaRt> stupid la he
[16:39] so who is ur bf?
[16:39] <[h]eaRt> nooooooooooo
[16:39] =PpPpPp
[16:39] <[h]eaRt> nort bf
[16:39] <[h]eaRt> sick of dat word =P
[16:39] -Q:#Zhen.xin.ai.ni- OP for x\a0`lEx requested by mIyaki (mIyakI)
[16:39] hahaha
[16:40] who is ur stead
[16:40] <[h]eaRt> .
[16:40] <[h]eaRt> AH!
[16:40] <[h]eaRt> u tink im dum?
[16:40] the person attached to u
[16:40] -Q:#Zhen.xin.ai.ni- DEOP for x\a0`lEx requested by mIyaki (mIyakI)
[16:40] haahahahha
[16:40] yeahs\
[16:40] <[h]eaRt> sheeeesh.
[16:40] <[h]eaRt> =[
[16:40] =]
[16:40] [=
-------------PORTION GONE PORTION GONE PORTION GONE----------------
[16:41] hahaahaha
[16:41] rite
[16:41] so who u like now
[16:41] <[h]eaRt> i don actuallie
[16:41] <[h]eaRt> single life isnt dat bad
[16:41] hahaha
[16:41] <[h]eaRt> -LäÜGh§ ÖüT LÖüÐ-
[16:41] rite rite
[16:41] <[h]eaRt> hey it is kaees
[16:41] i need a gf
[16:41] zz
[16:41] <[h]eaRt> jus dat no one to drag out wif u
[16:41] alcohol
[16:41] alcohol
[16:41] <[h]eaRt> when deres no frens to go
[16:41] <[h]eaRt> hahahas
[16:41] ALCOHOL
[16:41] <[h]eaRt> [ñ]ò more gf again
[16:41] i need more alcohol
[16:41] <[h]eaRt> u damn great lar u
[16:41] hahha
[16:42] y u want be my gf ar?
[16:42] zz
[16:42] <[h]eaRt> .
[16:42] <[h]eaRt> faint
[16:42] hahaha
[16:42] zzzzzz
[16:42] sian
[16:42] <[h]eaRt> wud d u do now?
[16:42] <[h]eaRt> hahas
[16:42] itz raining
[16:42] z
[16:42] <[h]eaRt> mines jus grey skies =(
[16:42] <[h]eaRt> rain so nice
[16:42] <[h]eaRt> so shuang
-------------PORTION GONE PORTION GONE PORTION GONE----------------
[16:42] <[h]eaRt> hahas
[16:42] <[h]eaRt> sucha toot =)
[16:43] hahahaha
[16:43] itz going to rain
[16:43] itz orange sky lar
[16:43] orangy sky
[16:43] itz like erm.... those nice storms in thoe nice deserted island
[16:44] <[h]eaRt> orange my foot
[16:44] <[h]eaRt> u muz be kinda weird in e head
[16:44] <[h]eaRt> hahas
[16:44] <[h]eaRt> swimmin in e rain is so fun
[16:44] <[h]eaRt> soooo shuang
[16:44] <[h]eaRt> jus dat e lightnin spoils everythin =(
[16:44] hahaha
[16:44] rite
[16:44] <[h]eaRt> n dat time when i went to e zoo
[16:44] lightining strike peiyan
[16:45] <[h]eaRt> e weather wuz juz sooooo sexee!!
[16:45] and i caneat her up
[16:45] <[h]eaRt> =)
[16:45] hahaah
[16:45] <[h]eaRt> it wuz all grey skieees
[16:45] go screw it then
[16:45] boom
[16:45] weeee
[16:45] <[h]eaRt> but it din rain =)
[16:45] lighting
[16:45] <[h]eaRt> sooo chio
[16:45] thunder
[16:45] can u hear?
[16:45] <[h]eaRt> ¥å
[16:45] <[h]eaRt> how u noe?
[16:45] <[h]eaRt> hahahahas
[16:45] <[h]eaRt> ohhhh
[16:45] hahahahaha
[16:45] u toopid or wud
[16:45] haaha
[16:45] <[h]eaRt> but e clouds r driftin awae =(
[16:45] <[h]eaRt> so sad
[16:45] i got windows
[16:45] hahaha
[16:45] <[h]eaRt> nort gonna rain here!!
[16:45] rain rain
[16:45] come to me
[16:45] <[h]eaRt> =(
[16:45] go away some other day
[16:45] <[h]eaRt> [ñ]ò more sexee weather
[16:46] <[h]eaRt> so sadd..
[16:46] haaaha
[16:46] sorry....
[16:46] =]
[16:47] <[h]eaRt> =(
[16:47] <[h]eaRt> ohhh
[16:47] <[h]eaRt> but now e winds blowin!!
[16:47] <[h]eaRt> hees
[16:47] hahah
[16:47] boliao lar u
[16:47] <[h]eaRt> .
[16:47] <[h]eaRt> im makinn my webbie =P
[16:47] <[h]eaRt> addin on recipes too!!
[16:47] <[h]eaRt> hahahas
[16:47] <[h]eaRt> mebbes i'll put my pineapple tart recipe dere
[16:47] <[h]eaRt> =)
[16:48] <[h]eaRt> share my joy wif e world
[16:48] hhaahahah
[16:48] hey send me the me and u that pic
[16:48] hahaha
[16:48] suddenly want to see wud me and u look like 2gether..
[16:48] lol
[16:48] <[h]eaRt> ?
[16:48] <[h]eaRt> ohhhs
[16:48] <[h]eaRt> wait lar
[16:48] <[h]eaRt> i busy
[16:48] u know the neo print thingie
[16:48] fine fine
[16:50] <[h]eaRt> urghs
[16:50] <[h]eaRt> which one u wan
[16:50] <[h]eaRt> i don even noe where is it!
[16:50] <[h]eaRt> AH
[16:50] <[h]eaRt> lightnin!!
[16:50] <[h]eaRt> =)
[16:50] <[h]eaRt> thunderrrr
[16:50] <[h]eaRt> weeeees
[16:50] <[h]eaRt> °[ ßßßê RîGhT ßåÇkkk ]°
[16:50] hahahaha
[16:50] go find lor
[16:52] <[h]eaRt> sighh
[16:52] <[h]eaRt> got to scan again ehh
[16:52] <[h]eaRt> don wan
[16:52] <[h]eaRt> so ma fan
[16:53] hahaha
[16:53] help help lar =P
[16:54] <[h]eaRt> .
[16:54] <[h]eaRt> waste my time
[16:54] <[h]eaRt> nahhs
[16:54] <[h]eaRt> hahahas
[16:54] <[h]eaRt> whies u wan for
[16:54] <[h]eaRt> -LäÜGh§ ÖüT LÖüÐ-
[16:54] coz i want to see me and u 2gether
[16:54] haha
[16:54] <[h]eaRt> ?
[16:54] <[h]eaRt> u're such a nuttie
[16:54] <[h]eaRt> sigh
[16:54] hahha
[16:54] <[h]eaRt> hahhahahas
[16:54] =P
[16:54] <[h]eaRt> like e pic will do wonders to ur life
[16:55] <[h]eaRt> geez
[16:55] hahaha
[16:55] i jsut want to see lar
[16:55] <[h]eaRt> sum other time lor
[16:55] <[h]eaRt> don feel like scannin now
[16:56] fine lor
[16:56] =p
[16:59] <[h]eaRt> hahas ya
[16:59] <[h]eaRt> u signed my guestbook b4s?
[16:59] nope
[17:01] <[h]eaRt> ohhs
[17:01] <[h]eaRt> reallie
[17:01] <[h]eaRt> nvmmms
[17:01] <[h]eaRt> yays!!
[17:01] <[h]eaRt> my cookie recipe is doneee
[17:01] <[h]eaRt> yays
[17:01] <[h]eaRt> =)
[17:01] hahaahhaah
[17:02] more like ur recipe for armageddon
[17:02] <[h]eaRt> ohhs.
[17:02] <[h]eaRt> armageddon?
[17:03] <[h]eaRt> dat movie
[17:03] <[h]eaRt> wuds it anywaees
[17:03] nononono
[17:03] <[h]eaRt> wahahaha
[17:03] hahaha ure dumb
[17:03] end of the world lar
[17:03] <[h]eaRt> nahhs
[17:03] <[h]eaRt> heyys
[17:03] <[h]eaRt> nort like my recipe can cause a disaster kaees
[17:03] =]
[17:03] <[h]eaRt> its a gift to mankind =)
[17:03] can
[17:03] <[h]eaRt> wahahas
[17:03] ppl will puke
[17:03] <[h]eaRt> .
[17:03] <[h]eaRt> mebbe sum
[17:03] <[h]eaRt> hahahas
[17:03] <[h]eaRt> nvmms
[17:03] then they will mutate
[17:03] <[h]eaRt> practise makes purrfect
[17:04] and then they will consume all of humanity and make earth transform into a cookie
[17:06] <[h]eaRt> hahahas
[17:06] <[h]eaRt> won dat be great
[17:06] <[h]eaRt> life will be one big cookie
[17:06] <[h]eaRt> =)
[17:06] <[h]eaRt> so excitin
[17:06] no
[17:06] evil
[17:07] <[h]eaRt> =(
[17:07] <[h]eaRt> riteee
[17:07] <[h]eaRt> u're jus jealous
[17:08] nah
[17:08] <[h]eaRt> cos u won live to see life as one big cookie!
[17:08] <[h]eaRt> hah!
[17:08] i will live my life as one BIG DONUT
[17:08] <[h]eaRt> ha
[17:08] <[h]eaRt> one big hole in ur life
[17:08] <[h]eaRt> =P
[17:08] <[h]eaRt> hees
[17:08] <[h]eaRt> whereas my life
[17:08] <[h]eaRt> will hav choc chips
[17:09] zzz
[17:09] i live ur life as a durian lar
[17:10] <[h]eaRt> hahas don be a toot =P
[17:10] <[h]eaRt> so wud jc u wanna go?
[17:10] ac
[17:11] <[h]eaRt> ohh
[17:11] <[h]eaRt> ohh
[17:11] <[h]eaRt> oh
[17:11] <[h]eaRt> oooh
[17:11] <[h]eaRt> ooh
[17:11] <[h]eaRt> im gonna go sa!
[17:11] <[h]eaRt> =)
[17:11] <[h]eaRt> ac is tooooo high
[17:12] <[h]eaRt> aim low better =)
[17:12] haha i dun mind sa
[17:12] bit it seems far
[17:12] i want to walk to sch
[17:12] <[h]eaRt> wahahahahas
[17:12] or erm... cycle
[17:12] <[h]eaRt> walk to ac
[17:12] <[h]eaRt> nuttie
[17:12] <[h]eaRt> =P
[17:12] yeah
[17:12] not tt far
[17:12] <[h]eaRt> sa is soo near
[17:12] <[h]eaRt> straight bus!
[17:12] <[h]eaRt> 97 =)
[17:12] hahaah
[17:12] sian
[17:12] i go sp lar
[17:12] <[h]eaRt> poly?
[17:12] <[h]eaRt> noo
[17:13] <[h]eaRt> poly no fun
[17:13] <[h]eaRt> cant go uni
[17:13] i get to leave my hair long
[17:13] no
[17:13] <[h]eaRt> or mebbes i'll go overseas
[17:13] poly still can go uni
[17:13] <[h]eaRt> ohh eeeews
[17:13] <[h]eaRt> long hair?
[17:13] <[h]eaRt> can
[17:13] <[h]eaRt> top 3%
[17:13] <[h]eaRt> u can make it? =P
[17:13] they are increasing the percentage lar
[17:13] they are increasing the percentage lar
[17:13] they are increasing the percentage lar
[17:13] they are increasing the percentage lar
[17:13] <[h]eaRt> still hard
[17:13] <[h]eaRt> but quite tru
[17:14] <[h]eaRt> i wanna dye blond streaks
[17:14] <[h]eaRt> pierce more earholes
[17:14] <[h]eaRt> pierce my nose
[17:14] <[h]eaRt> so many fun things to do
[17:14] <[h]eaRt> =)
[17:14] <[h]eaRt> but i'll probably look like a nuttie
[17:14] <[h]eaRt> wahahhas
[17:15] lol
[17:16] <[h]eaRt> heyys
[17:16] <[h]eaRt> at least
[17:16] <[h]eaRt> its better den a guy growin long hair!
[17:17] <[h]eaRt> hahahas
[17:17] <[h]eaRt> =)
[17:17] <[h]eaRt> u'll look like a hippie!
[17:17] thatz the point
[17:17] i want to be a hippie
[17:17] =P
[17:17] <[h]eaRt> !!
[17:17] <[h]eaRt> faint
[17:18] -[
[17:18] i go q3
[17:18] brb
[17:19] <[h]eaRt> bubyeees

my discussion wif e great anthony =) but sum parts r cut out =P private u see. hahas

daily reads.
// 17:40

wowees. my archive is still cocked up =) how excitin =)

daily reads.
// 17:36

ohhhs =( jonnies webbie is closed.. gone.. =( so sad!!! hows he gonna make his new webbie now... o levels dis yr!! sighh. todaees so sian. but school wuz great =) sittin wif bev. kristy n gloria in front of me. but pingpings seat is gone. hehs. actuallie bevs in pings seat =P but nvmms deir both jus as fun. n bevie gave me a christmas prezzie!! =) it wuz so chio.. a photoframe wif bees n everythin!! =) but meilings gone. goin aussie. sad.. well mebbe she'll come back next time. n im sittin under e fan!! yays. n accomplishment =) fan seats r like v.i.p seats!! alwaes taken =P n deir mine at last! yeahhhhh. hees. n i got dis reallie nice headphones from courts. new style. sum like ear clip on thingys. n deir lime green! so chio =) n todaees weather is so chio =) n i tink my ex is tryin to jio me. geez. who dates e same guy twice? muz be a toot =) n i got an oven!! AN OVEN!! yes! e most outstandin news todaes =) i can bake at last. got lotsa recipes i gotta try. deres dis reeallie great sinful chocolate choc chip cookie recipe. which is found on my webbie =) hahhas. cant wait to try it!! yays =) mebbes if deir nice i can bring sum for bev n all of dem! =) sighh. i kinda mish jonnie. alwaees sms him also like no reply one. =( nvmms. still gort my wife. hahas. he tot i forgot him =P so cute. i'll bribe him to buy me dat damnnn beeg tigger stuff toy =) soooo cute!!!

daily reads.
daily reads.
daily reads.