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// 15:18

ok.. this is greeeat. simply fantastic. GRR!!! i think. (YES I THINK) that i freakin screwed up my comp yesterday when i changed its "appearance" mode thingy!! oh noooo... what do i do now? this comp now feels like a total stranger. yeshhh i repeat. a total stranger. sighh. cant even use msn? aint that pathetic ]: and i'm like thinkin that i kinda feel like pukin cos of all that porridge.. eeews. who ever ate porridge with chicken bones? ohhhh.. cure my stomach.. even dumpin in an egg din help nuts. i'm dreamin of chestnuts now.. roasted chestnuts with pepsi [: ohh heaven. mebbes i'll be eatin that laters. cos i mebbes goin jurong IMM! yays [: mebbes i can buy hair chopsticks tooooo~ ~ ~ i'm positively happy.. though the hols are gettin a lil boring.. everyday assessments.. i don even feel like studyin anymore.. and its like my sis wuz like studyin lots and lots last yr and she like only got 10 pts.. me the slacker? u don even need to say it man.. hope can even get 10 pts. sighh. thens mebbes i can like go SAJC too.. go irritate my darlin cousin and sister and who knows whoever else goes there! hahas [: perhaps i'll see some of my old primary school classmates.. mgs girls will most probably wanna go ACJC instead.. whats so great bout that place.. theres no AIRCON!!!! eeeeews. hmms. but i muz admit that the school uniform there is muchos sexiee [: so cooling somemore.. blouse open so beegbeeg [: but hey it aint fun goin there with lil frens. my bill is like 1226 smses? my daddy freaked. my mom golly freaked as well. kinda usual though. she keeps complainin bout cancelin my line? hahas. what the heck. not like i smsed lots.. nowadays like full batt can last me one whole week? hehs. don tink i can even hit 400 smses this month. guiness world record for me [: hahahas. sighh i'm goin nuts.. i can like only study chem and chinese cos i'm like sick of maths already.. and i forgot almost all the physics formulas like power = workdone x time? whatever. so i'm stuck with 2 subjects to study. hope the midyrs are postponed too. then i can study other stuff. i'm like gonna give up studyin my humans. their like totally gonna die? ya. hope i can even pass them. i plan to get like a1s for maths.. and b3 for chinese.. a2 for chem.. b3 for english.. oh no thats 10 pts.. one more subject physics.. hopefully a1 too. maths stuff are usually easier to score for than those other writing stuff but oh noooo.. i think for Olevels i must at least include one humans? oh noo.. die. die!! what to study... geog or hist. urgh. both are so disastrous!!!!!

daily reads.
// 17:49

home ----> study. study. study. study!!! STUDY!!!!!!@#$(&^*&!!!
grr. peiyan has gone nuts. due to incessant studying. of chinese. and chem. and chinese. and chem.
*faint* how will peiyan survive <---- tune in to the next episode of blog logging!

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// 17:40

went bugis today. kinda sucky. took a neoprint. trump card thingy.
kinda ugly. cos of my hair. shouldn hav tucked hind my ears. yux.
guess i'll scan it.

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// 15:45

cool. its like hols now cos of SARS.
well cant say much but i guess that leaves me more time to study.
too bad their takin up our june hols. but long as i do well for mids i guess ill be happie.
today ive studied chem. done chinese. scanned my pix into some album.
feel like scannin my ugly pix of my plucked eyebrows. hahas. im bored. sighh.

daily reads.
// 15:05

omg. i am such a failure at race car driving (: hahas.
at least with the warnerbros one. my daytona one is muchas better!!
hahas. lemme go try again.. mebbes i'll get into round two.

daily reads.
// 14:51

gonna go get hairchopsticks and buy my sis a tennis racket.. sighh.

daily reads.
// 14:34

hees. listenin to kiss e girl now.. sucha sweetie song. (:

daily reads.
// 20:36

you tell me you don't love me
over a cup of coffee
and i just have to look away
a million miles between us
planets crashing to dust
i just let it fade away

daily reads.
// 20:33

whee. peiyan added two new links.
free smses. yays. =]
peiyan has jus cleared a few entries in her blog.
peiyan is just so excessively bored.

daily reads.
daily reads.
daily reads.