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// 18:44

yesterday was founders... it was pretty cool i guess. the food wasnt that bad too. well for 70 bucks u shouldnt expect somethin yucky. hmmm... i wore my tube and skirt yesterday.. plus the shawl.. didnt use it much tho. cept when i was cold. hee :) anywayys i saw that GIRL so many times.. it just spoilt my day. yupps. kept starin at me like i was nude or somethin? ok. anywayys i had pretty much a great time at founders with kris debs and jo... jonina looked SO pretty!! :) but that stupid dodo kept complainin she didnt look good in pix without eyeshadow. bloody nonsense mans :) she simply outshone me!! haha.. looked real bad in the pix i took with her. yups. debs took pix with mr ng.. who said it was a privilege to take pix with her.. haha she must be damnn overjoyed :) she took one with mr ong too.. and one with both of them. shes such a coward haha.. didnt dare to ask them so i helped her. nvmms.. oOH woops i forgot to take pix of the toilet it was kinda cute. hmmm... well and my makeup was ABSOLUTELY hideous. no shit man.. haha my mom put it for me... couldnt stop her. wasted. so i looked quite dumbish.... ya and she did my hair up in that clippy thingy and there was this BUMP on my head!! *faint* i looked like... a singapore air stewardess??? ahhh!! ok.. anywayys at least my clothes were nice. oh and TA's dress was really really nice... it was a black tube dress... half backless. really really nice :) wonder where she got it from. anywayys grams hasnt arrived yet. scared me thought she was comin at 3 afternoon. hee :) ya.. urh... mr ng said that i had a gift for maths.. that in sec 1 he had to keep askin me to slow down... blahblah. guess that isnt the case now... sad huh :( well at least he encouraged me and i think i'll try and get As for both maths. go peiyan!! :) hee. okayys.. urh. what else?? mmm. forgot to take pix of bert and cheryl low and gris yesterday.. and dint take with ta. hmm.. well kinda lotsa ppl cos i couldnt really find them. and was supposed to take a 1B2 pix yesterday... but dint know what happened so dint take it. yupps kinda wasted some ppl wasnt there too. think im gonna gatecrash next yr if i manage to lose weight... saw some old girls there and they looked really FAB! they were like in super tiny miniskirts.. and midriff baring shirts... really really sexy. and u couldnt see a single lump of fat. haha. thats my aim mans. okay... gotta study TA!! :)

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// 15:35

wheeee... new template... goin for tennis now..

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// 14:03

okk.. pretty much sucky day.. today had swollen eyes.. still have it now... freakin eyes damn pain :( ya hmm.. im wearin the white tube and flowery skirt for founders... dont care if its a little extra... at least no one will be wearin the same thang as me.. ya. newayys i dont think im gonna be usin those damnn designer pix anymore.. freakin idiots.

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// 16:13

okayys ive been dissed. by the designers... what the. i dont check my guestbook hello? at least i told u i was using it rite? unlike ppl who just take the whole damn design and not fucking leave a note or link. grr. fine. i LINKED u dammit. freak freeak FREAKS!.

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// 17:28

feelin... slightly depressed. kinda dull. yupp... goin to founders. bloody ex thang. mmm... revamped site a little... tinkering here and there... like this blog's image. i stole it!! =] heh.. from vivalicious. cute huh.

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// 20:02

my tooth aches :( so depressin.. i feel like an old woman whose teeth are all gonna fall out!!! bleah. okayys... tmr havin MATRICES test... wish me luck!! :)

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// 18:41

maybe im going for founders... that is if yam manages to give e cash. yuppps... anyways i already planned what to wear XD hahas... a white tube and this super long flowy skirt thats flared... really really pretty =]

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// 14:20

sometimes u just cant believe girls who talk bout other guys tho they have bfs. isnt it weird? seriously. and they talk about other girls not having bfs like having BFS are a great thing? *yucks* its like... they look down on those ppl. lol. okayyys... but really some of them are really disgustin. ok TA!

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// 14:19

i wonder if i should go for founders... but its really ex... not that i cant afford it... but. its not exactly a prom... and i wont pay 70 bucks just to take a bunch of pix... well.. yupps. but its kinda weird... cos its my last year!! =[ ya.... well im in the library now... got tennis later... really pray that it wont rain =] hees. newayys just realised the 'O's are like 3++ months away??? and i only started like studying a little little bit...

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// 18:56

haha had a really really cool dream last night... gonna add it to my dream journal. TA!

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// 16:18

*yays* haha. i finally added e pix =] really chio kayys.. kristy looks so sweet!! and i got 2 of senji.. hahah cute little boy =] i <3 e one where he blows the kiss!!! hahah soo cute man. sure he'll grow up to be a hottie. lol. ya.. anywayys today had CHEM LAB. ya. freaky place mann.. and i had so many wrong answers... grrr... yupps so i'll probably have a see-me on the experiment. who cares. ARGH. ok. i care. i need to study... STUDY!!! but i just cant get into study mode.. and its like.. 4 months to Olevels? *faint* ok. get a load of this. to get into ACJC (they say its top 5) i have to get 12 points max. thats like... so crazy? how to get in hcjc like that. sigh.

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// 16:39

ahahahh im so happy!! i managed to find one way ticket... its by Boney M. =] really nice nice song... hippy old song!! haha. okk... hmm. imagestation is DOWN! arghh... cant put in the new pix =[ tsk. okayys... i added in fake eyebrows for fun. lol. found out i look much better with fake eyebrows!! =] ahahha.. uh. i mean.. darker eyebrows. hahah =] yupps.. OOH! i found this really smashing song too.. big mountain - baby i love your way ahha. okk.. todays a good day... school was over in a flash too.. and my geog test.. well i could write a lot of crap.. so mebbe i wont get lousy marks.. lol. okaayy... today probably gonna force dad to go Giant.. =] haha. i wanna buy chicken wings... then i can try out the recipes in the Chicken Wing book thingy... ya. and i found out i dont really like goin on MSN... or other chat thingys.. not fun at all hahah. yupps anywayys yesterday i got three really really pretty badges =] ones a princess crown... ones doggie shaped... and the last one looks like some happy house product =] haha. their handmade.. from korea. ok what crap.. hmmm. but kinda ex.. its like supings billabong badges are like 3 for $10.. mine are brandless and three for $18! hahah. okkk... but their really nice =]

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// 16:00

hahaha ping couldnt make it yesterday.. ya quite fun la. went to watch dumbNdumberer.. which is a really dumb movie no shit man hahaha. hahaha lloyd's father is even dumber than them all!! =] hahaha the movie didnt really make much sense... they thought boobs were bubbles... and lloyd didnt remember that he lived in school! hahah... but i didnt really laugh much in the movie.. cos tho it was dumb it wasnt really funny. hmmm... i wanna watch the lizzieMcguire movie.. seems quite nice. typical dumb blonde movie =] hahaa. okayy.. anywayy yesterday jawn was sooo supernice. i mean he paid for like all the crap i did? like uh... drinks... movie... taxi... im surprised hes not broke =] hahahh.. okayys so i paid for the neoprints. uhhh.. then i remembered to let him try my brownies.. of course like everyone he thought they were fabulous *smirk* =] ok... showed kristy the neoprints today.. she thought i looked rather cute. haha. what a great joke.. anywayys i got a REALLY nice neo of kris.. she looks so sweet and pretty!!! =] im gonna put it up hahah. i really agree with debs.. kris is so much prettier than bev. its just that shes kinda tomboyish.. but still pretty la. yupps gonna scan it in now ta.

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// 15:27

okayys uhh. goin out tmr with jawn n ping gonna watch dumb and dumberer haha quite happie... been a long time since i watched a movie... and took neoprints!! feel like takin neoprints tmr... mebbe i can like take a few with ping and him. yupps. hope ping is goin... dont think shes really confirmed tho. should be. okk uhh sighh mark called yesterday freaked me out i mean call for what? ya and he keeps like apologisin... what crap sorry for hurtin u. ok. those kinda talk piss me off easily... ya its like reminds me of JONATHAN. *yuck* clingy momma boy. i may be clingy sometimes but hey i aint no whiny momma girl. yech. hes so old and yet so childish. neways jawn didnt link me!! im gonna irritate him *evil laugh* hahaa =] and i think im gonna try to like uh (shhh) get him to treat me and ping. hahhhhs. okayys. neways i think he should like know ping... cos he knows denisetee... and they're both in bowling.. so ya. neways im like now in school... yupps finally got a comp at like 3pm? tsk. all that girls fault...got me booted outta my seat!! i had to like sms in class for like an hr cos i had nothin to do? *grr* anyways yay im startin to understand a little of mr.yeos ramblings now... ws#5 is like quite easy.. i <3 it!! =] hahha. bloody amaths. doesnt make any sense. anywayys i still havent gotten a dress for foundersday yet.. dont even know if i should go.. its not like any special occasion.. cos any mg girls can go! ... so pissy off.. we should hav somethin like a prom night. ok gttg ta.

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// 16:39

I want to break free
I want to break free
I want to break free from your lies
You're so self satisfied I don't need you
I've got to break free
God knows, God knows I want to break free.

I've fallen in love
I've fallen in love for the first time

And this time I know it's for real
I've fallen in love, yeah
God knows, God knows I've fallen in love.

It's strange but it's true
I can't get over the way you love me like you do
But I have to be sure
When I walk out that door
Oh how I want to be free, baby
Oh how I want to be free,
Oh how I want to break free.

But life still goes on
I can't get used to, living without, living without,
Living without you by my side
I don't want to live alone, hey
God knows, got to make it on my own
So baby can't you see
I've got to break free.

I've got to break free
I want to break free, yeah
I want, I want, I want, I want to break free.

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// 11:29

haha my neighbour thought this brownie was even nicer than the last one!! :] hee so happie!! :] and her son wanted to eat the whole slice but his mommie told him he could only have half :] hahas :] well i gave them two huge slices tho~ heh.. too bad not goin out with py cant let him try.

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// 11:00

i baked brownies... in the new cake tin. by damn it got CHARRED!!! *argh* im so pissed... now it doesnt taste as good.. sighh. at least now i know how long i should bake it with this new tin thingy.. tsk. mebbe i should buy those aluminium foil tins again :P haha. sighh... and cos i thought like mom was gonna meet me for lunch.. i like cancelled plans? now shes busy. and i cant go out.. cos lizzie meetin her mom... py meetin someone else already.. well he said can play pool laters.. but i just wanna like watch dumb and dumberer.. so like another day lor... sigh. :[

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// 10:58

okayys i added like quite a lotta new pix.. like some on bali... and china.. and i think some other weird pix.. yupps. and i got sick of doin it on site so i did it at imagestation hahas :] yupps im lazy :P dont give a damn~ hahas... save time :]

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// 17:18

my new shampoo smells so nice!! well... it smells like my old aromatherapy greenapple shampoo... the one i had in aussie. sigh. their no more on sale!! evil ppl who took them off. newayys the damn digicam pissed me off AGAIN! ARGH!!##%$#%(*&%!!! okayys. i cant seem to get the pix onto my comp... damn digicam always cocks up when im tryin to get e pix on!! grr... digicams should hav some special uploading crap thing... tsk.

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// 16:50

*yay* gettin boneyM lyrics now [:

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// 16:32

ooh yes!! i finally finished my shampoo [: got a new one... johnsonkids too... i think applekiwicrush. hmm. i think.

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// 15:34

haha today is a great great day!! [: im so happy.. hmm.. lets see what happened today. okayys... first of all... i had 18/18 for my chem pract!! wheee* heh [: and then... ms goh praised me!! hahas... the rarest of rare.. yupps.. cos like the temperature logsheet thingy.. i like helped made it easier for her to see.. so she like said what uh... if u're her student u'll show improvement and crap blah blah... yuppps.. thats the 1st 2 stuff that made my day [: secondly... ms tay said i looked good with a french plait!! [: hahas. so happy... kayys... see at first i was like bloody freakin.. cos me n debbs were happily gonna rush up the stairs after greeting her.. then she shouted: PEIYAN! ha i froze mans.. like damn worried she gonna book me for some shit thingy... hahas then what the... she said i looked good with that damn hairstyle!! [: freaked for nothin.. yupps thens i shouted thanks... hahs happy days [: then altho todays bus had a damn aircon problem... the weather was so good!! 27 degreescelsius [: it was like stepping out of the bus into aircon... there was a light breeze too!! [: ohh happy days [: and hahaha *evil laugh* py got 2 needles stuck in his ass... probably some crap injection but hahhas... good for him man. tsk. spoilt my day the other time... okayys... and windowsmediaplayer is workin... but argh my skins got deleted... :[ gotta reDL them now... ahh :] pure bliss... and the last best part of today is... im havin strawberry yoghurt!! *yay* so sweet and strawberry-ish... can feel it goin cool down my throat!! ahh... :]

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// 17:12

so fat... argh... fat fat fat... french fries = calories fats cholestrol... *faint*

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// 17:10

hahas im feeling happie todays!! [: and i still think andreas really pretty [: wish i could be that pretty too... well actually i just need to slim down. hah. okayys... but 10kgs a longlong way to go!! donch wanna go under weight stress :[ hmms... newayys i thinkk i wont be goin out with py on like monday.. its like. what kinda friend is he... when i mention a pretty girl then he wants to go out. no shit manns im friggin pissed off by him... newayys i wont let my happie day be destroyed by him [: hah. still happie that spike linked me!! [: its such a great feelin to be linked. heh. ya and andrea remembers sis!! heh. ooh... *dreaming of strawberry yoghurt* :[ all e yakults gone... boohoo. all sis fault. she drank 2!! grr. anywayys im still happie [: okayys.. today this guy held the backgate open for me!! [: so happie.. its hard to find such gentlemen in the real world. i rem. this girl i held open the backgate for and she jus gave me a look and walked away! grr. weirdo. no thanks at all... what happened to the chinese saying "do good got good repayment"? buncha crap... hmms. i think tyron is cute!! [: hah. seen so many gdlookin ppl. andrea n tyron. okayys.. this is like some obsession page heh [: enuff gotta go study ~~*

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// 18:58

oh.. i think i remember andrea now... i think she has a sister. or somethin like that... and she knew my sister.... so i saw her before... i think. hmm..

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// 18:53

i know why i like him now hahas... after i've been with him... theres this sense of happiness... its a feeling hard to describe... weird to say so.. but ya. anywayys i found out that the pretty girl andrea... spikes friend... shes from nanhua too!! cool hahas [: and im in spikes links!! hahas. its good to be in summones links [: or at least so i think... heh... and i had a dream just now... wanted to put it in my dream journal... but damn i forgot it already. hehs. okayys... i have memory loss like dory and kate hudson [: i think shes reaaal pretty!!

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